Defeating Breast Cancer Is No More A Challenge

Breast cancer screening has been found reducing the mortality rate from breast cancer. As breast cancer is a hidden enemy of women and can attack them at any age, breast screening helps to disclose this enemy before any sign of this disease appears. Always remember that this cancer can quickly spread to other organs and can envelop the whole body in its harmful effects.

Breast cancer screening is very helpful in detecting breast cancer earlier. There are different screening tests available for early diagnosis. It is crucially important for all ladies to be aware of those tests and should also consult them.

Clinical examination is the old form of cancer screening and indeed a reliable test. It has been consulted for early detection since past and still its importance is not neglected. This exam is performed by a physician to feel if there is any breast cancer sign lie a lump present in any part of chest. This test is also helpful for ladies before starting self examinations. A clinical exam is also performed with the motive of feeling and .looking chest area to find any abnormal change either evident on chest or hidden within breast skin.

Another most important breast cancer screening tool is mammogram. This test has proved life saving for thousands of ladies and ever year millions of women are screened using this test. This test helps in finding out even hidden lumps inside breast tissues. As when you are undergone this exam you may find this test a bit painful because it involves some level of breast compression for producing image of complete inside structure of your breasts. This pain is not long lasting however, and is relieved soon after test is being performed. When breast cancer is treatable then it is necessary to receive a regular breast cancer screening.

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