Role of Protein in Life of an Athlete

Protein is building block for our body. Protein is required for the growth, maintenance and repair of all body cells. Protein is used as a fat burner to increase your metabolic Rate by 68 % to improve lean muscle mass.

Role of Protein to enlarge and strengthen muscles – Requirements of an Athlete

The rule is to take one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day, and if a person wants to increase the gym time the protein intake should be increased to double of total.

Standard Protein intake Formula for Male Adults

US dietary reference intake for adult male of 100 kilogram is 80 grams per day (0.8100) or it can be said that 2 grams/kilograms /body weight for 200 grams total is substantially higher.

Problem Statement: If you are a newbie athlete 6 meals/ day is not sufficient enough to fulfill your Protein needs to build muscle. Here is a guideline that how should you do to gain muscles.

Need of protein for beginner athletes

Contrary to popular belief, it’s unbelievable that there is anything like maximum protein intake. When a person is training to the extreme in the gym, and is using muscle shock techniques it is not necessary the person intake higher amount of protein. It is natural however harder a person trains more protein is required to repair the damage.

An Ideal Solution for Beginner Athletes

Most of your protein requirements should be fulfilled by poultry, fish, and meat. It is not always convenient and practical to get all protein requirements fulfilled by whole food especially when a person has to eat 6 servings of food on daily basis to meet the protein requirements of the body. Sufficient protein intake encourages a person for optimal muscle gain, and the best option is to add protein shakes into the diet plan. Protein shakes and supplements are the best replacements and additions to the diet plan for meeting protein requirements of the athletes.

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