It’s All about Low Carb Diet

A diet low in carbohydrates is popular these days and it is readily available in the market as well. The reason to use this diet is to limit the carbohydrate intake and there are a variety of diets each with a restriction of different type of the carbohydrate.

What Is The Purpose To Use A Low Carb Diet?

The purpose to use a low carb diet can vary according to the individuals; however most of the people use it to lose weight. If the diet is well planned and followed the benefits it can offer go beyond the benefit of just losing the body weight which includes the reduced risk of heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, different types of cancer, and diabetes. The other reason for people to use this diet can be

  • It can be used to change the overall eating habits.
  • Some people use this diet due to medical reasons or to reduce the risk of certain disease.
  • The diet is used to restrict certain carbs in the diet.

The good idea is to consult your doctor before starting any type of diet to limit carbs in the diet especially if you have any health condition like diabetes.

What A Low Carb Diet Includes?

The name indicates that a diet low in carbs limits carbohydrate as they are micronutrient and found in the beverages and food items especially in the plant based food. The use of carbohydrates is common in the food industry as it is used there in the form of starch and added sugar.

The Food Items with Natural Carbs

The food items with natural carbs are listed below

  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

The body’s main source of fuel is carbohydrate as the sugar and starch is broken down during digestion into simple sugar. This simple sugar includes into your blood and it is known as blood sugar. Generally the diet low in carbs includes protein rich food items such as poultry, fish, egg, non-starchy vegetables. Those who want to limit carbs in their diet limit the use of starchy vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and certain fruits etc.

You can get a low carb diet from the market as well in the form of a slim shake as well if your purpose is to lose the body weight. The shakes are available in different flavors with natural ingredients to fulfill your needs of a low carb diet.

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