Five Key Points to Take Care of Breasts

In the UK, women are encouraged to follow a five-point code so they can take care of their breasts in a proper way. The five-point code is listed below:

  • Acknowledge which changes are normal for your breasts
  • Acknowledge the changes you need to look and feel for
  • Familiarize with look and feel of your breasts
  • Consult your GP if you spot any unusual change in your breasts
  • If you are above 50 make sure you attend screening test offered by NHS

Although it is better to perform various breast exams and screening tests but keeping this five-point code in your mind will surely enable you to perform these tests in an effective way.

Self Breast Check to Know What Is Normal for You

Self breast check is an ideal way to know how your breasts feel and look normally. It is exercised to know if there is any anomaly present in your breasts or not. Self check can be performed by women of all ages.

It is better to perform self check while taking shower or in bath. It can also be done while standing in front of a mirror or on a bed. In mirror salient features of breast structure are observed including size, shape, skin, texture, position of nipple and you can check for lumps, swelling etc by touching with palms and finger tips. Self check is also an ideal way for those women who are under 50 and do not have higher risk of developing breast cancer.

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