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Posts tagged "vitamin"

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Vitamins

The diet should contain a specific amount of vitamins and minerals because the human body needs them to be in good health. The presence of these nutrients prevents the body from certain diseases such as cancer, and heart problems. When a diet includes fruits, vegetables and fortified diet the human [...]


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Posted by admin - March 5, 2013 at 8:03 am

Categories: Health and Fitness   Tags: vitamin

E and C Not So Easy

While many of us take either vitamin C or vitamin E alone, recent data call that practice into question specifically as relates to the prevention of heart disease and stroke. This large trial focused on male physicians over the age of 50 who took either vitamin C, vitamin E or a placebo tablet and who were followed for an average of 8 years. At the end of the trial there was no benefit identified to taking either vitamin C or vitamin E for healthy men, and an increased risk for bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke) was seen in those taking vitamin E. Due in part to the type of supplements used the results of this trial are not definitive; until  we know more, however, it makes sense to keep healthy dietary and lifestyle choices as the basis for maintaining your healthy heart. Read More


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Posted by admin - November 18, 2008 at 11:46 am

Categories: Vitamins and Supplements   Tags: healthy, heart-disease, increased-risk, male-physicians, over-the-age, placebo-tablet, prevention, trial, vitamin, vitamins and supplements