5 Best Foods to Eat in Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most essential part of your daily life. The food you take in breakfast determines that how actively you are going to spend your day. Every morning your body needs a certain amount of calories to perform its duty.

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Here are some most beneficial foods to eat in breakfast,


Egg is good for your health because it contains vitamins, carbs, and fat etc. It gives you instant energy and gives a booster to your mind which is necessary for you.  It is also vital for the health of your hair and nails. In eggs all the essential Amino Acids are present in perfect ratios.  Addition of one egg in your breakfast will make you healthy and strong.


Almost all the important nutrients are there in yogurt.  It will stabilize your body blood pressure. It is also helpful to heart in its functioning. It is full of minerals. A small bowl of yogurt in breakfast will make your day.


Fruits not only gives you a healthy body but also minimize the risk of diseases. Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The best time to eat fruit is breakfast. In fruits apple is most recommended because it is necessary for heart health. Researches says that apple can decrease the danger of cancer.


Milk must be a supreme part of your day and if you starts your day with milk you will feel energetic your whole day. Milk is full of calcium which strengthen your bones. It also helps you to recover from bone fractures.


Nuts can be a wonderful addition in your breakfast. Nuts contains a lot of good calories which are helpful to control diabetes and cholesterol.

Skipping your breakfast can be harmful for your health. Avoid the intake of instant energy drinks in breakfast.