5 Foods All Pregnant Women should eat

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You have to be more careful during pregnancy as your body needs more vitamins and minerals. Stop eating unhealthy or fast food and completely change your lifestyle into a healthy one.

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You need more energy during your pregnancy, as your health will support both you and your baby. Here I am going to tell you 5 foods every woman should eat:

Orange juice

A pregnant woman should drink at least one glass of orange juice every day. It gives vitamin C and helps to make your immune system stronger. Vitamin C acts as a disease-fighting against many diseases.


Yogurt is another good source of protein. It contains more percentage of calcium than milk. But some people can’t tolerate the yogurt, so it is better to check a pregnant woman if she can digest it. Otherwise, go for some other source of protein.


There is nothing to have health in breakfast than an egg. If you also make an omelet with a lot of vegetables and a little bit of cheese. An egg contains every type of nutrient need for your body. A large contain protein, fat, vitamins, and a lot of minerals.


A pregnant woman has to stay hydrated 24 hours a day. Why? Because it helps a pregnant woman to remain fresh, active, and healthy. If you don’t take enough water quantity, you have to experience the following symptoms like headaches, anxiety, bad mood, etc.


Fruits like apricots, cantaloupe, and apples are beneficial to develop the baby’s tissues, vision, and immune system. These fruits help a pregnant woman to develop a stronger immune system.