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Homemade Orange Salad

This miso ginger sauce can be used to marinate meat! Fried chicken breasts are also delicious! But today we pickled tofu with this pickle! 10g miso, 5g Korean hot sauce, 5g ginger rub mud, 10g drinking water, 5g seafood soy sauce, stir well.

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  • 120g old tofu (Northern tofu) cut into small cubes and roll in miso ginger sauce to ensure that each side of tofu is rolled with sauce. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate and marinate overnight.
  • Put a little olive oil in a hot pan, heat over low heat, and pour tofu overnight.
  • Don’t waste the remaining sauce in the bowl! Roll 80g prawns, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and melt the extra sauce in the water.
  • Pour in the shrimp, pour in the water and the sauce, and don’t waste any seasoning.
  • Use a small wooden spoon to gently flip the shrimp and tofu to ensure that the shrimps are cooked.
  • Put some large leaf lettuce on the plate, pour the miso ginger tofu shrimps, peel the oranges and cut into small pieces and put them into the salad! A pot full of high-protein salad is done! And it’s warm! Suitable for babies with a bad stomach in winter!

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