Side Effects of Eating Fast Food

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Fast food has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. This much popularity of fast food is due to the reason of its being inexpensive, convenient and good in taste. It is rightly said that junk food would be a lot easier to avoid if it actually tasted like junk.

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Do you ever think why we label fast food as ‘JUNK FOOD’? The reason behind is junk food have trifling or no nutritional value. It is high in calories, salts, fats, sugar and has very poor nutritional value.

Junk food tastes really good and people literally crave for it, but a treat for tastes buds does not mean it is a treat for stomach too. Adverse effects of junk food are much more than having good taste. Craving of junk food may lasts for one hour but the body you’ve craved for a lifetime. The bona fide cost of junk food never appears on menu. So one should decide wisely while choosing among the healthy or unhealthy food.

Let’s have a look at some common side effects of eating delectable but hazardous fast food:

Inadequate or Sluggish Growth- Unhealthy eating can lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients especially the vitamins, which are necessarily required for proper growth and development and ultimately results in sluggish growth. This is particularly true for toddlers and teens. Soda and sugar present in some soft drinks will lead to a calcium deficiency which results in decaying of bones.


High Risk of Obesity and Chronic Diseases- One of the major side effect of fast food is increased risk of obesity and some related chronic diseases. Most of the junk food comprises of sugar, fatty acids and salts. These are a central spur of weight gain. Obesity can become a reason of heart diseases and diabetes


Increased Chance of Having Amnesia- Amnesia is loss of memory. Several Studies showed that unhealthy eating can deteriorate memory which could become amnesia.


Lack of Appetite and Poor Digestion- Junk foods are high in calories but low in nutrition. Excessive intake of junk food can become a reason of inadequacy of appetite and poor digestion